OSFR wants to rally the people to stand against the natural gas transmission pipeline proposing to cut through our river.

Can we count on you to stand in support of opposition to this pipeline?

North Florida and all of us need 1000s of people to show up at the FERC meeting Thursday, Oct. 1 in Lake City and Oct. 8  Bell.  We  have to let FERC know that we do not want this pipeline.

Florida energy consumers do not need this, we have enough according to Florida Power and Light’s own projections.  Gov. Scott has pushed this project, and the Miami Bulldog and others have shown that he has a money  interest in it.

And the FERC did not have the courtesy to hold the meetings in the counties where the pipeline will pass, disenfranchising residents.  In order to be heard,  these citizens will have to travel out of their counties borders.

Please show up by 5:30 and sign a card to speak, even if you don’t plan to speak.  If your name is called, simply stand and say, “I pass in opposition,” and you will be recorded as opposed.  At one point you will be simply asked to stand if you oppose the pipeline.  We want 1000s of  standing people there for John Peconom and the FERC to see.

Thursday Oct. 1, 6-8 pm
Columbia High School Auditorium
469 SE Fighting Tiger Drive
Lake City, FL 32035


Thursday Oct. 8, 6-8 pm
Bell High School Auditorium
930 South Main St.
Bell, FL   32619