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OSFR Supports SRWMD In Water Improvement Projects

 Following is a letter from President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson responding to a request by the Suwannee River Water Management District for support for several water improvement projects.  OSFR is thankful for the opportunity to assist the district in its endeavor to improve the water quality, and thus further our organization’s goals of protecting the river basin and making the public aware of the importance of this.
Our Santa Fe River, Inc., not for profit , 501(c)(3)
2070 SW CR 138 . Fort White, FL 32038

May 27, 2014

To Whom it May Concern,

Our Santa Fe River  supports any and all of the project proposals, listed below, that benefit the Santa Fe River and its springs:

Santa Fe Rise Water Quality Enhancement – Starke Reuse Project

Ginnie & Gilchrist Blue Springs Enhancement – Newberry Reuse Project

Santa Fe Springs – Nursery Water Conservation Initiative

Hornsby Spring Water Quality Improvement Project

High Springs Water Quality Improvement Project

Ichetucknee Springs – Columbia County Water Conservation Initiative

Advanced Storage and Use of Dairy Wastewater for Springs Nutrient Reduction.

             See proposals here:  Springs Restoration Project Plan.pdf · version 1

All of these proposals are in the Santa Fe River basin and their intention is to restore water quality and quantity, over time. This river basin is a valuable asset to our north Florida community and the world. With future large scale urban planning, such as the sprawling Plum Creek multi-use development in Columbia, Union and Alachua Counties, it is important that we can work together to protect the largest concentrations of fresh water springs found in all the world.

Unlike the Everglades, the Florida springs heartland, in which the Santa Fe River rests, is on a higher geographical location and therefore will have a longer lifetime than the future of the southern area of the State of Florida where millions of tax payer dollars have been allocated to restore an inevitable wash out, due to rising waters from the climate change.

It is now time to spend manpower and tax dollars to restore our waters here. We have been neglected for far too many years and our water quality and quantity have taken a back seat to our driving environmental economic engine. The Florida springs deserve a large piece of the budget pie. There will be real and dire consequences if our state continues to ignore our watery woes. Smart, sustainable growth will be necessary to create a lasting future so the next generations will be able to enjoy the 72 degree waters and sandy soils surrounded by crystal clear waters flowing up from our Floridan Aquifer.

It’s is time to account for fixing what has already been done and doing it in a fashion that shows meaningful recovery.


Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

President, Our Santa Fe River, Inc., not for profit, 501c3

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