Fracking Banned In New York, We Must Ban In Florida Also

Huge victory in New York! It’s official: The state of New York banned fracking!
This victory is because of the years of education, mobilization and advocacy work to build the political power for holding Governor Cuomo accountable to the people, not the Oil and Gas industry. New Yorkers Against Fracking, a coalition founded by Food & Water Watch, and the strong network of allies and grassroots advocates are directly responsible for this victory.After advocates demanded that the health effects of fracking be studied, a two year investigation by the state’s own commission confirmed what the movement has been saying all along, that fracking cannot be done safely.Acting Commissioner of Health for New York State Howard Zucker even said he would not let his family live in an area that has fracking.

Food & Water Watch was the first national group to call for a ban on fracking in the U.S., and this is proof that when you fight for what you want, you can win. Thank you for everything you have done to contribute to this victory. We will take this victory and the example that New York has set to the rest of the country to make sure that families in every state are protected from fracking.

Can you chip in to help us fight in more states to protect more families from fracking?

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

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