2013 Singer/Songwriter Contest Videos

Nothing from September 23, 2021 to October 7, 2021.

For those of you that weren’t there, or just want to relive the songs you heard, here are the videos, produced by Digitel Video, of each of the contestants of the 2013 Our Santa Fe River Singer/Songwriter Contest.


1st Place, Michael Loveday, “Drift Away”

Michael Loveday – aka ThreeChordStrum – moved to High Springs 10 years ago when there was very little in the music scene here. So instead of complaining and doing nothing or going to other areas like Newberry, Gainesville or Lake City to play, he co-founded of the High Springs Music in the Park Series and works to bring “Local” artists here to High Springs. This Oct, The Music in the Park will be having the 19th show, featuring Sno Rogers, an Americana tradition in north Florida. Mike has participated in 2 or the last 3 Song Contest shows; placing 2nd in the 2011 show. Find out more about Mike’s music on http://www.reverbnation.com/threechordstrum or contact him directly at [email protected]

Find out more about Music in the Park at https://www.facebook.com/pages/High-Springs-Music-in-the-Park-Series or contact him as coordinator at 352-275-4190.

2nd Place, Kevin Wayne Sullivan, “Santa Fe Blues”

Kevin Wayne Sullivan was born in Dallas, Texas in 1962. Kevin has lived in 3-Rivers Estates for the past 25 years and playing music in this area. His home is nestled at the confluence of the Ichetucknee River and Santa Fe River. In the 1st Song Contest Kevin performed his song “Dynamite Joe” and can be viewed on our website or YouTube.

3rd Place, Bo Page, “We All Own The River”

Bo Page: Organic Farmer, Singer Songwriter/ Musician, Martial Arts instructor, winner of the Golden Mullet Award, life-long resident of Alachua county and an Advocate of Peace.  Bo has been a participant in previous Song Contests and won 3rd place in the 2011 and 2012.

Oscar Cramer – “The Santa Fe, Sadie and Me”

Oscar Cramer, musician, lyricist, composer. Author of “Random Thinking: a book of poetry and prose. He is currently in the process of publishing a new children’s book of poems and songs written in conjunction with each other as well as including a coloring book page to each poem/song for the child to express their own picture of what they see in what they read. The Library systems in Lafayette and Suwannee County ask me to come and sing and read to the children. He is the co-owner of Smoakhouse Ranch Bed & Breakfast in Branford, FL, 386-935-6927.

C.F. “Bud” ODonnell – “River Run”

Bud O’Donnell is a widely ignored songwriter and playwright, lives on the Santa Fe River and loves the river. His most recent creation is Twaiku, the offspring of the marriage between Twitter and Haiku. [email protected]

Rebecca Pethes – “The Moonlight Way”

Rebecca Pethes is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Although she wanders between styles, she channels her musical passion for variety into songwriting. She is an experienced performer in a variety of genres: Opera, Jazz, Musical Theatre, The Great American Songbook, Folk, Celtic and Early Music. She holds a masters degree in vocal performance from Bowling Green State University and is a voice teacher at the Academy of Music & Art in Gainesville. She is available to sing at events in the surrounding area such as weddings, parties. Rebecca can be reached at 518-860-2689 or at [email protected]

John Smith – “Chardonnay Baptismal”

John Smith wrote his first song “Pappy Kirk” some 30 years ago for the was with, named Harmony Grits, now known as Quartermoon. He has since written a good many songs and recorded them on a CD that was recently released by Quartermoon Band. John feels writing songs can be very challenging and can’t be forced. He has to wait patiently until the lyrics and melody come to him. However, having good subject matter, such as the serenity of the rivers in close proximity to his home made it a bit easier. Hope you enjoy. 352-316-0497

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Michael Smith – “Callin’ My Name”

Mike Smith “Growing up a country boy I have always been around music through church or back yard picking. Music seems to a great way to bond with others whether it’s with the ones around you or the ones that have passed away. It is a reflection of feelings and a way to tell some great stories. Although I haven’t played long seriously I love to play a song and see folk’s reaction to something that touches them.”M and D Outfitters, North Fla. Mud Motors, 352-494-3776

Rufus A. White, III – “Nearby Santa Fe River”

Rufus White III grew up mostly in High Springs and has enjoyed the Santa Fe River and the simple pleasures it offers. He now lives in Alachua with his wife and kids and tries to write songs that people would want to sing and play at gatherings and around campfires, with their families and friends. Mainly a harmonica player, Rufus was not allowed to play harmonica in the house until he became good at playing it elsewhere. Now (some) people call him “The Harmonica Playin’ Maintenance Man…” He has been seen and heard playing harmonica in church, and with other musicians and bands occasionally, and enjoys it immensely… He was nicknamed “Brother Rufus” by one of his favorite musician friends, Haylee Slaughter. Contact Rufus at [email protected] or find him on FaceBook at http://facebook.com/rufuswhiteIII


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