OSFR Has Successful River Clean-Up

river clean-up
OSFR River Clean-up. Organizer Rhonda Long, standing on left


On Saturday, Nov. 7, 32 strong individuals  turned out to participate in the OSFR river clean-up partnered with Current Problems’ regularly scheduled fall clean-up of the Suwannee River basin.

Steady, long-time volunteers Carolyn and Steve Baker, good friends of the river.

These philanthropic volunteers gathered at the Santa Fe River bridge on Hwy 27 and worked the river down to Poe Springs.

Active organizer of the event was board member Rhonda Long, to whom we give thanks, as we enthusiastically do to all the volunteers and helpers, not the least of which is Rum 138, for assisting with the mechanics of moving boats back and forth.

As river usage increases, demands on it follow suite, so these clean-ups are becoming more and more important.  It has been suggested that perhaps the time has come to advocate a non-disposable container rule for the river,  as has very successfully been done on the Rainbow River.

Thanks to volunteer Carolyn Baker for the use of her photos.


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