Gale Dickert has circulated the following announcement regarding the DEP meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.  This is an important meeting for the well-being and health of Florida.Scroll

Dear Friends:

DEP-ERC Hearing starts promptly at 9:00 am–  on TUESDAY, JULY 26th. 

LOCATION: Marjory Stoneman Douglas BLDG, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., Tallahassee.  
The Environmental Regulatory Commission (ERC) will vote Tuesday on DEP proposals which would increase the levels of cancer-causing chemicals discharged into Florida waters!  If we lose this critical vote, it will be an open invitation for big polluters to come to FL!  Our waters should be RESTORED, not further polluted!
If you’ve never attended a DEP Hearing before, don’t miss this rare opportunity for YOUR voice to be heard– when the future of FL waters is at stake. PLEASE carpool, bring young people and friends. This hearing will affect future generations. We must be there!  Need folks from all FL counties to attend.
Also being addressed at this Hearing will be DEP’s aptly named  “Monte Carlo probalistic method” for determining discharge limits for dangerous chemicals. DEP’s methodology differs from EPA’s method and allows higher levels of chemicals to be discharged. It has been called a “Cancer Lottery for Florida.”
We need to remind DEP of their clear and concise Mission Statement which says DEP is to protect Florida’s Environment, including our air and water and aquifer to protect human health. Our tax dollars pay for protection which has, far too often, been entirely lacking!
Presently,  seismic testing, fracked gas pipelines and fracking are all proposed for Florida– putting at risk some of our most fragile, sinkhole-prone lands,State Parks, important Rivers and Springs. We must act to protect them and to insist DEP do their job.
Please join us on Tues. the 26th, in front of the DEP Building named for Marjory Stoneman Douglas who spent much of her life saving our Everglades– which are now at more risk than ever. Let’s do this remembering this brave woman who set the example for us all.  Hope to see you there!!
My best to you ALL,
Gale Dickert
Water & Wetlands Chair
Madison Garden Club, Member FFGC
cell:  850-838-5451
This s is the email for the Floridians Against Fracking Coalition. It is hosted by the Food & Water Action Fund.

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