Florida Springs Restoration Summit – Part I Overwhelmingly excellent

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g-villerally-9-16group                           OSFR was well-represented and the table decked out, with President Pam Smith and Vice President Terry Phelan

Overwhelming might be the best term to use to describe the events today Sept.30 at College of Central Florida in Ocala.  Overwhelming in its magnitude, excellence, in its speakers, in its topics, organization and attendees.  Too much information to absorb in too little time. A great experience.

sprgssummit1-knight                                               Bob Knight worked very hard and did  the impossible

This was phase one and tomorrow Oct. 1 will be phase two.  Too much this and too little time and we will get back with more information when all this is done.

sprgssummit1moran                                  John Moran’s presentation was worth the trip.  His monologue is one long poem.  Like the springs, he is one of Florida’s treasures and resources and should be valued as such.


sprgssummit1-groupGeneral view of the audience, with Jason Bellino of the USGS at the podium


Decision makers on water, Darrell Smith, SRWMD, Bob Knight, Casey Fitzgerald SJRWMD, Tom Frick, DEP,

Eric DeHaven, SWFWMD, and not shown behind podium, Cathleen Coates, NWFWMD



Jill McGuire, Melrose,  Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson OSFR & Sierra Club        Todd Kincaid, GeoHydros

venue for the Summit

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