Hundreds continue to visit Ginnie Springs amid COVID-19 outbreak

Ginnie prices In: Hundreds continue to visit Ginnie Springs amid COVID-19 outbreak | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River



Flying in the face of medical experts, Ginnie Springs and our State of Florida remain unrestricted so we can have fun and keep business as usual.

Common sense dictates that the longer we delay lockdown, the longer it will take for the virus to run its course.  Neither Ginnie Springs Outdoors nor Gov. DeSantis seems to agree, however.

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Hundreds continue to visit Ginnie Springs amid COVID-19 outbreak


By Landon Harrar, James J. Rowe |

Ginnie Springs remains open for visitors and they’re making the most of the opportunity, even amidst worries of the coronavirus.

Hundreds of people came to the springs, but visitors say it’s still less crowded than usual.

Lacy Harris came from Trenton to spend a day with her friends. “I feel like there’s probably a little less than normal than would be because usually it’s like packed everywhere. Still, I can tell people are distancing themselves from others so it’s not bad.”

Jacob Kalar came with friends from Jacksonville and he said “there’s a lot more than I expected it to be but not more than usual. Actually, it’s less than usual. Still, everybody seems to be keeping their distance from each other keeping sanitary so it should be a fun weekend.”

Most say they’ve seen good examples of social distancing but many also seemed to not be worried at all about keeping 6 feet apart.

Cole Lipscher, who came with family from West Palm, said that “honestly some guy was coming up to our camp and getting really close to us and I was like ‘dude…back up.’ He was like ‘what dude you’re into that whole social distancing thing?’ And I was like ‘yeah, this is our camp you need to chill out dude.'”

Kalar added that “at this point, I feel like it’s survival of the fittest; If you feel like your scared and should stay home, then stay home. I’m not sick and I don’t feel like anybody else who would come out here would be sick, but risk-takers beware I guess.”

Everyone we spoke to says keeping Ginnie open is a good thing, especially as a morale booster.

Harris explained that “it’s just something to do. I’ve been laid off from work, so I’ve had two weeks. I’ve been stuck in the house; I needed something, to have some fun so I came with some friends….”

Read the original article at this link at WCJB.


  1. The super bowl was held in Miami on Feb 2. Bike week then spring break both in march. DeSantis just this week “learned” what asymptomatic means. This level of evil is staggering. Be safe everyone.

  2. It’s admirable the some people are “willing” to take risks, but unfortunately they put all of us at risk. A little social conscience will go a long way.

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