To protect the aquifer, springs, and rivers within the watershed of the Santa Fe River.


We must hold our ear close and listen. We must tell the others that cannot hear her voice.


Help us make sure that Our River is protected for future generations.

Our Santa Fe River

Protecting the Santa Fe River through:


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Fall on the Santa Fe

Cindy Noel – Branford, Florida
I am a riparian owner and while I love all the days on the river, the early morning of fall days are the most spectacular.

Holy Faith

A Santa Fe River Love Poem. Tammy is our first contributor to our Share The Love page! She also read her poignant poem at RiverFest 2019, a first for RiverFest.

Why I love the Santa Fe

By Jim Tatum – Fort White, FL – It began at some distant unknown time in the Pliocene Epoch when the waters covering Florida receded one last time…


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Current News

Thumbs down for state plan

  This is another attempt at Tallahassee to grab power and reduce accountability.  A subjective look at the Department of Environmental Protection in Florida would have to conclude that the agency has failed  and is […]

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Wakeup Call for Florida

Over the next 20 years, farmers in California may have to fallow anywhere from 500,000 to 1 million acres of farmland due to a decreased water supply, according to estimates by the Public Policy Institute […]

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Environmental Discussions Group of Manatee Co.

  A few years ago Mary Hampton founded the Environmental Discussion Group in the Villages, where  OSFR members Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson and current President Mike Roth gave talks.   Sierra Club member Chris Mericle also gave a […]

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Your Donation Makes a Difference!

When you donate to Our Santa Fe River, you are supporting Our Education, Advocacy and Stewardship Projects directly or indirectly. During this past year OSFR has supported the following organizations:

Florida Defenders of the Environment - for their work with water issues

Florida Springs Council - for their work with Tallahassee and the Water Bill

Fort White Schools Parknership Program - to help underwrite their students environmental education

Springs Eternal Project - for a scholarship for one child to attend their Springs Ambassadors Camp

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