A Big Thank You From OSFR


OSFR RiverFest was a great success due to the support of wonderful businesses in our community. More than $6500 was raised at this annual fundraiser, which provides funds to underwrite OSFR’s educational, advocacy and stewardship programs.

We would like to acknowledge our different supports and ask the our members support them in exchange. They are:

Our “TOP” sponsors are:  Billie Jo’s Care More, Digitel Video, Rum 138, and Santa Fe Canoe Outpost.

Our “FRIEND” sponsors are:  Capital City Bank, Edward Jones, Great Outdoors Restaurant, Hilltop Animal Hospital, Horizons Realty, Paleo Enterprises, Santa Fe River Ranch, and Three Rivers Insurance.

Silent Auction and other donors are:  98.5 KTK, AAA Porta Serve, Adventure Outpost, Amigos Dive Center, Donny Applebaum, Cave Country Dive Shop, City Boys Tire, Brake & Repair (High Springs,) Conestoga’s Restaurant, Linda & Hal Cohen, Elayne Dubin, Farm to Family, Great Outdoors Restaurant, Phil & Stephanie Griffith, High Springs Emporium, “In the Moment Band,” Hitchcock’s Market, Horsepower Farms Tree House, Barbara Knutson, Howard T. Odom Springs Institute, Kathy Fleming, Ginnie Springs Outdoors, Dani Lee, Lazy Turtle Lodge, Laurie Meyers, Sandee Ryder, Liz Screaton, Lowe’s, Margaret Ross Tolbert, MaryAnn Smith, Mi apa Latin Cafe, Nancy Boone, Pam Blasetti, Publix, Sally’s Sensibles, The Music Junction, True Blue Cafe, Ulla,  Winn Dixie.

Our stage builders are:  Andy Phelan, Terry Phelan, Ricky Haslam, Dom, Frank, Buck, Clif Oliver, John Sterpe, John Minnicks, Bob King, James (JR,) Doug Jipson, Merrill Jipson, Walter Bickmeyer, Chris Newman, Tim Parker, and Tim Gay.

Our VOLUNTEERS are legion, are great, are admired, and they are appreciated.

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