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Alachua Co. Passes Ban-Fracking Ordinance: UNANIMOUSLY


alachuaboccordinance vote
Chair Hutchinson takes unanimous vote on ban fracking ordinance Thanks to Comm. Cornell who thoughtfully added wastewater injection ban.

Happiness reigned this evening April 12, 2016 in the Jack Durrance Auditorium, Room 209, when Chairman Hutchinson took a unanimous vote passing  a ban-fracking ordinance in Alachua Co.  Commissioner Lee Pinkoson at first had some doubts, but after listening to David Moritz, Vicki Machado, Brian Lee, and your representative from OSFR, and one other person, he went along with the crowd.

Mike Byerly introduces Stacy Greco of the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department, who declares April as “Water Conservation Month” in Alachua County, Florida.

This group of county commissioners is to be commended on their forethought and wisdom and for caring about their environment.  Especially are we thankful to Commissioner Ken Cornell, who was the strongest supporter for this action.  Comm. Cornell also contributed the new language in the ordinance which also prevents any oil or gas extraction wastewater injection in Alachua County.

alachuaboccordinance Brian-Vicki
Debriefing in the Hall after the Victory: Brian Lee, David Moritz, and Vicki Machado


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  1. I feel proud to live here now. Plese put a stop on building that walmart over the aquifers in the City of Alachua.

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