Alachua Co. Update With Commissioner Ken Cornell

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Alachua County Commissioner Ken Cornell will speak on environmental issues at this meeting sponsored by the Suwannee St. Johns Group Sierra Club.

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  1. Dear Members of the Board;
    Thank you for allowing Mike Kern and I to come by 4-24 to explain the development at Rock Bluff Spring. We appreciate any help you can offer. I surely came to the right group. Thanks to Jim Tatum for the invite, and big appreciation for your support letter to SRWMD and FWC asking a environmental study before turning Rock Bluff into a Public Park. If anything I can do to explain our materials, or you have any questions, please call me, or e-mail. SRWMD has put us off and asks us to just TRUST they will do the right thing. We have a previous experience with SRWMD, trust is not an option. They will cave in to others interests, and lie to us. Once Burned, Big Story. I will share another time. We want it on paper. The wet land and spring are worth the effort, we must try. I will do what I can and offer support to conserve this beautiful area. Do ask.
    I am stalled right now, as I do not know what else I can do. I do not believe in just words anymore.
    With appreciation,

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