Protecting the Santa Fe River in North Florida

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District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle signs a proclamation designating April as Springs Protection Awareness Month.

OSFR is pleased to post the news that the St Johns River Water Management District, headed by Dr. Ann Shortelle, has joined Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in proclaiming April “Springs Protection Awareness Month.”  We are pleased also to learn that Gov. Scott and the DEP are aware that the springs need protection.  Awareness is wonderful, as our springs certainly need protection.

Although the water management district did not release a special post, SRWMD Executive Director Noah Valenstein also signed on to the proclamation that April is the month for being aware that the springs need protection.

Following is a news release from the St Johns River Water Management District that was issued March 25, 2016.Scroll

Message from the Executive Director:

Appreciating and protecting Florida’s springs

While the St. Johns River Water Management District works year-round to protect Florida’s springs, next month includes special emphasis as part of a statewide recognition of April as Springs Protection Awareness Month.

I am thrilled to join Gov. Scott, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, other water management districts and many of you in celebrating Florida’s springs.

Our staff is involved in ongoing work to protect springs, including a Springs Protection Initiative, coordinated springs science investigation with the University of Florida and others, purchase of what is now known as the Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area, and a host of cost-share projects with local partners. While there is still work to do, we are making strides in springs protection.

Thanks to our district team and our partners for all the work that is being done to protect our spring systems! I encourage you all to enjoy these wonderful resources in Florida’s unique environment.


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