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Aqua Blue Springs Waters in Madison Co. Withdraws Water Permit Request

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your phone calls and e-mails to Gov. Crist regarding SB 2080.  As of today he has not received SB 2080, but he has SB 360.
SB 360, a growth management bill needs our phone calls too.   Florida is not up for grabs anymore.  Florida Hometown Democracy is right in that we need to be involved with our development proceedings on a very local level.
LET THE PEOPLE VOTE to control growth! 
Great News,
A sigh of relief for the citizens of Madison County, Florida and the State.
The Aqua Blue Springs Waters (bottling plant that was going to try to get a special exception to build in Madison County near the Nestle facility) have withdrawn their request from the County.  Although they are still threatening to come back at another time.  The Suwannee River Water Management District will proceed to revoke the water use permit due to noncompliance of conditions of the original issued permit.
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
President of OSFR


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