Aquifer Watch Continues Monitoring Wells For Nitrates

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RickCopeland2nd round
Rick Copeland at a well on the banks of the Santa Fe River at 914 SW Riverland Court. This was the first well sampled in the study.

Dr. Rick Copeland of Aquifer Watch has sent out news that he will continue the nitrate monitoring of selected wells along the Santa Fe River in the Poe Springs/Rum Island area.  The next sampling will take place on September 24, or 25.

Brief history of the Nitrate Study, Poe Springs area

In 2014,  Alachua County Environmental protection Department (ACEPD) obtained a grant from the State of Florida to obtain groundwater samples from wells and springs in the Sana Fe basin and have them chemically analyzed.  The majority of the funds ar reserved for the chemical analyses using their laboratory.  Current Problems Inc. and AquiferWatch agreed to assist in finding volunteers who would agree to sample their own wells.  Finally, AquiferWatch agreed to coordinate volunteer sample collection.


OSFR was instrumental in the study by disseminating information and the headquarters at Rum 138 served as the location for the introductory workshop session and also was one of the collection points for the water samples.

Our newsletter carried six posts regarding the study, and here are links to the two most key:

July 28, 2014

May 17, 2015







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