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Saturday, October 11: Global Frackdown

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Together, We Can Protect Our Communities and Ban Fracking Now!
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One week from today, people around the world will join together for the Global Frackdown to fight back against big oil and gas and call on their local officials to ban fracking.
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When Food & Water Watch initiated the Global Frackdown three years ago, we weren’t sure what to expect or what the response would be. But when the Global Frackdown was cited months later in an industry analysis of the anti-fracking movement as an example of our collaboration and growing activity, we knew we were on to something. The power of our movement is growing and we’re just getting started.

More and more people are fighting back against an industry that spends millions of dollars on slick PR campaigns and high-profile lobbying efforts to buy the ability to frack our communities with as little government oversight as possible, all while destroying our air, water, resources and our climate.

When we fight back, we can win. Our movement continues to grow, and on Saturday, October 11, I hope you’ll stand with us to say no to fracking!
This movement is truly inspiring. More than 400 communities have passed measures against fracking in the U.S., Maryland and New York have kept fracking out of their states entirely, and a number of countries, like France and Bulgaria, have done the same. The entire conversation around fracking has drastically changed in a number of years. Now, MSNBC is even calling it the “sleeper issue” of the 2016 elections.¹

But our work is not over! As the oil and gas industry ramps up its public relations offensive, it is critical that our elected officials hear the concerns of their constituents. Fracking is an inherently dangerous practice that has far-reaching effects. Shale gas is not a bridge fuel to a low-carbon economy, it is a bridge to environmental destruction and a climate disaster.

We need you with us so we can stand together to send a clear message to our elected officials: we demand a future powered by clean, renewable energy, not one that depends on dirty, polluting fossil fuels.
Take a stand against fracking and sign up to join a Global Frackdown event on Saturday, October 11.

Miranda Carter
National Online Campaign ManagerFood & Water Watch

P.S. Can’t find an event near you? There’s still time to join the action. Sign up to plan your own and we’ll be in touch with everything you need!
The sleeper issue of the 2016 Democratic Primary, MSNBC, October 2, 2014
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