Blue Springs Properties Withdraws Appeal!

 Hello Everyone,
I just found out about this information TODAY.  (Due to personal obligations, I have not been online all week.)
Terrific News comes from our lawyer, Bill Ogle, who was granted an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of OSFR.  You can read his own words below my comments in this e-mail.  There is no need to file that brief because Blue Springs has withdrawn the appeal in the Circuit Court in Gainesville this past Monday.  My understanding is that…Mr. Braswell, lawyer who wrote the Writ of Certiorari for Blue, told Mr. Ogle that his client no longer wants to pursue the building permit partly because of OSFR and the lack of public and political support for their project.  And Blue felt the timing was not right in light of the national campaigns against the bottling of our most precious natural resource…water.
This is the best news I have heard since we began our efforts 2 years ago. 

Russ Augspurg, member of OSFR, went to the SRWMD board meeting on Tuesday and had this to report…Blue Springs appeared in the SRWMD board meeting in Live Oak to make an appeal to keep their CUP open (no mention was made that they withdrew their appeal).  Mr. Ray Earl Thomas, lawyer for Blue, was there with Kim Davis and her brother?, to make the request.  The board referred them to the staff and requested the staff handle the conditions with regards to the legal requirements to their extension.  But as we all know the district put conditions on them called a “Mediation Agreement” in Nov. of 2007.  Please see attachment if necessary to see complete details of the mediation.  Key point is excerpt below:
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I spoke with Jon Dinges, SRWMD, to let him know about the withdrawal of appeal.  He said he will look into this with his staff on Tuesday of next week.  It appears that revocation of the CUP for bottling from the SRWMD is in order.  It will take one month for the Board to vote on the revocation and make a “Final Order”.
Today, Russ spoke with John McPherson, lawyer for Gilchrist County, and received confirmation of the Blue Springs withdrawal of appeal.
OSFR will keep you informed of the latest news if anything changes during the next month.
“I want to thank EVERYONE for your part with the fight against Blue Springs Water Bottling. You each should be proud of your work to save OUR resource. In these busy times it takes a huge effort and dedication to pursue an endeavor such as this. Two years ago we had one active Water Bottling plant and 4 other nearby Springs trying to get a water Bottling Plant. At this time it appears that only one spring Santa Fe Springs LLC may still be pursuing that task. We will stay alert and ready to contact our hundreds of concerned friends and citizens when it is necessary again.”
Thank you again,


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