Bottled Water Sources Must Be Divulged

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Dear Merrillee,

Did you hear? Congress just sent letters to Coke and 12 other industry CEO’s demanding to know the sites and sources of its bottled water.

Now is the time to tell Coke to put this information on its Dasani brand labels.
Think Outside the Bottle has compelled Nestlé’s Pure Life and Pepsi’s Aquafina to print on their labels that the brands come from a public water source. It took hundreds of calls, letters, and an outpouring of public concern to enact such changes.

So join hundreds of people across the country in a day of action demanding Coke follow their lead and label where Dasani comes from.

Most of Dasani comes from public water supplies, though you wouldn’t know from the label!   So here’s how to demand a change:  send an email. Click here to send a message to Coke CEO Muhtar Kent.
One minute can make a big difference in getting Coke to come clean.

Stacey Folsom
Think Outside the Bottle

NB. This is what’s at stake: The aggressive marketing of bottled water corporations like Coke, Nestlé, and Pepsi is changing the way we all think about water and undermining confidence in our public water systems. Who will provide drinking water in the decades to come? The more water becomes a high-priced commodity, the more public water sources and universal access to water are threatened. This is putting access to safe water in jeopardy for millions around the world.



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