“All Bottled Up”


 The September, 2008  Sierra Club Newsletter has an article “All Bottled Up” by OSFR President Merrillee Malwitz Jipson about the Blue Springs water permit application.    OSFR is happy to see the article but the author has a short disclaimer concerning some edited portions.  The article is reproduced below, but the newsletter can be seen at this LINK  (you must scroll down to page three).

Corrections to this article !!??……..

The Santa Fe River is located in the SRWMD not SJRWMD as the article states.

AND: I never wrote that SRWMD was “dragging their feet” on the MFL’s. They have been working very hard on completion of the Lower Santa Fe River MFL’s and they should be done by the end of this year. They already completed the Upper Santa Fe River and part of the Suwannee River.

I really appreciate the coverage of this very important public meeting….Thank you! In the future however, if anyone plans to use my words or information from this e-mail exchange, I would appreciate a heads up by permission in advance if it is edited.




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