Bradford BOCC On Monday August 6, 2018


Dr. Paul Still addresses the board

The mine was discussed during public comments, as Paul Still, Kate Ellison, Carol Mosely and your historian all addressed the board.


Carol Mosely                   Hugh Thomas, SRWMD     Kate Ellison

your historian, photo by Kate Ellison



The following comments are by your historian:

You may be aware that DeSoto Co. by a vote of 4-1, just denied Mosaic a re-zoning permit from Ag to mining, even though their  Planning and Zoning board recommended approval. 

Mosaic has been showering money on DeSoto for 20 years, giving millions to the county, three million for a rodeo arena alone. 

Their Land Development Regulations list 15 factors to consider when evaluating a permit application.  Because of time limits, I will  mention only a few, and these summarized:

Among them are:

  1. whether the proposed change is consistent with the land use pattern, create an isolated district unrelated to nearby districts, whether the change will adversely influence living conditions in the area, increase traffic congestion, create a drainage problem, adversely affect property values in the area,  whether the proposed change will constitute a grant of special privilege to an individual owner as contrasted with the public welfare.

After considering the above, four of the 5 the commissioners voted for denial.

So they said no.

When Mosaic does not get its way, it resorts to bullying tactics.  They will likely sue DeSoto, just like HPSII is suing Union.  Union has been promised help from many sources.

DeSoto commissioners listened to 11 hours of public hearings on this mine, and between 150 and 200 citizens spoke before them, nearly all opposing.  The people there do not want their county torn upside down and changed forever, no matter how many millions Mosiac gives them.

The commissioners showed great courage in doing the job they were elected to do.  Union Co. is doing the same.  You too can stand up to HPS and save your county.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
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