Bring on Your Songs! The Songwriting Contest Starts Today!

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Songwriters can share their musical skills and help raise money for a good cause—the Santa Fe River, springs and aquifer—by participating in the 8th annual Songwriting Contest, being held March 25, 2018. The winner will walk away with a cash prize, and all participants will receive a professional YouTube video of their performance.

The event is part of RiverFest 2018, a series of “explore, learn and play” events sponsored by Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR), a non-profit organization working to protect the waters in North Florida. The Songwriting Contest is an annual fundraising event that offers music, food  and an afternoon of fun at Rum 138, located at 2070 Southwest County Road 138 in Fort White.  Rum 138 is home to Jahfew Café and the Springs Gallery which hosts both revolving and permanent exhibits of regional artists and features a collection of acclaimed nature photographer John Moran.

This competition of original songs written about the Santa Fe River brings local and regional songwriters and music lovers from around the state to celebrate and learn about a special spring-fed river. We encourage all songwriters to write a song about the river and share their talents with our community.  Through the contest’s history, there have been more than 50 songs written about the Santa Fe River and some musicians have gone on to receive air play and Internet play of their compositions.

The competition opens January 29th with a call to songwriters who would like to participate. After the March 1st submission deadline, judges will review the compositions, with contest participants being announced by March 16th.  At the Contest on March 25th, three judges will score the songwriters on key areas of composition and performance beginning at 2pm.  Gates open at 1pm and the event is expected end at 7pm.

Some of the contest’s past winners and contestants will be showcased on Sunday, March 18th in the OSFR Songwriters’ Reunion at Music in the Park and the Great Outdoors Restaurant in High Springs.

There are 3 ITEMS you must submit to successfully enter the Contest.

The following must be received or postmarked by March 1st, 2018 to be considered for the Contest:

1. Entry form with affidavit of eligibility/recording rights/publicity release

2. Lyrics sheet of composition submission

i. lyrics sheet must contain the song title, the lyrics, and the composer(s) name, copyright symbol and date, email, mailing address and phone number

3. A WAV or MP3 file audio recording.

There are 3 WAYS to enter the contest.

Read the 2018 Contest Rules and submit your entry BY MARCH 1ST:

1. Submit your form online.

2. Mail your 2018 Contest Entry Form, Lyrics Sheet, and wav or mp3 file of your song to:

Our Santa Fe River Songwriting Contest

Our Santa Fe River, Inc.

2070 SW County Road 138

Fort White, Florida 32038

3. Drop off your 2018 Contest Entry Form, Lyrics Sheet, and wav or mp3 file of your song at:

Our Santa Fe River, Inc.

2070 SW County Road 138

Fort White, Florida 32038

If you have any questions, call Sharon @ 352-256-8115.

2018 Contest Rules

2018 Contest Entry Form

Pam Smith
Our Santa Fe River
(786) 368-3707
386 454 8823
[email protected]

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