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Call To Action — Starke 3:30 Monday, March 20 Protest the MINE

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Kate Ellison has sent the following reminder.  Bradford Co. Courthouse, Starke, 945 N. Temple Ave.

On Monday, March 20 at 6:30 PM there will be a joint meeting of the County Commissioners from Alachua and Bradford counties. If you are concerned about the future of your water, come and speak up at this meeting. City water, well water, lakes and streams are all affected by decisions our representatives make. The proposed phosphate mine is the new, biggest threat to water quality, and quality of life, for our residents on both sides of the New and Santa Fe Rivers, and everyone downstream. Also threatened: air quality (toxic dust and radon), animals and plants, tourism, property values, and quiet country living. It will probably create about 45 new jobs, and the families’ current employees will probably move into these first. So no big job gains.
Join us for a peaceful protest starting at 3:30 PM prior to the joint commission meeting. Then attend the meeting and fill the public comment time with 3-minute sound bites about why you don’t want a new phosphate mine here. Specifically, why the mine permit should be rejected and a moratorium set so that stronger land development regulations (LDRs) can be adopted prior to considering a new permit. We need all hands on deck! This is a time to show them that citizens really are concerned about strip mining in our counties.
They are ready for us — they just installed a new 3-minute timer with green, yellow, and red lights!

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