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Casting Call # 1 for Madness & Mayhem

Casting call M&M

The first Casting Call for Madness & Mayhem 2015 has come and gone at the High Springs public library.  A large crowd of enthusiastic soon-to-be werewolves, demons, zombies and other weird beings assembled for instruction and direction, amply and freely given by Andy and Chris.    And Terry patiently organized it all.

Things are under control for now at the Haunt and its embryo status.  The second Casting Call will arrive on Sat. at 11 o’clock, also at the library.  Soon after things will get wild, in October, as these beings tend to become more unmanageable and sometimes dangerous as Halloween draws close.

Don’t lose out, this is your chance.  Also come out to volunteer to see what make a Haunt vibrate and pulsate, like this one does.

Call Andy or Terry at 386 454 5142casting call M&M2

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