Bottled Water


Our Santa Fe River began in 2007 as a group of regular people that wanted to stop four water bottling operations on the Santa Fe River in North Florida. We did just that. Since then, we’ve evolved into an organization determined to Protect Our Water.

Protecting water quality and quantity is a local and regional issue that affects people around the world. Whether from excessive water use or uncontrolled contaminants, our water needs to be protected from businesses and individuals that don’t seem to care about the effects they have on local water resources. They don’t seem to care about the people’s rights to use those water resources. They don’t seem to care about the environment that they harm.

BE INFORMED. Join us in helping others understand the issues by understanding the issues yourself. Below is a list of some of those issues and some recent posts about them. Below that you’ll find all the articles we’ve published about bottled water. There’s a treasure trove of information about what we’ve done to protect our water and the science behind it. Please read on.

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