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President Pam Smith distributes information

OSFR’s agenda item of a request of support for Alachua County in opposition to the proposed phosphate mine in Bradford and Union Counties was presented professionally and successfully by President Pam Smith at the City Commissioners meeting on October 27, 2016.

The commissioners were open but City Manager Ed Booth beat everyone off the starting line by giving a hearty recommendation before it was even discussed.  Sue Weller was champion for the cause and everyone was in agreement.

Marc Lyon explains LDRs and moratoria to the commissioners

If necessary, Pam had a lot of firepower in reserve.  Becky Parker and Larry Carol Burton traveled west from Union County, the former with a handy map to distribute to the commissioners, and Marc Lyon from distant Baker Co. gave very useful information in regard to the history of land development regulations in the counties involved and in the area.  Becky could not resist giving useful information and spoke, as did LaVerne from Fort White.

David Moritz of the Alachua County Environmental Protection Advisory Committee was in attendance and ready to speak if necessary, as was Larry Patterson of Green Party.  In addition there was a host of supporters, many members of OSFR, and some who were not.  A few of the members were Walter Bickmeyer, board member Pam Balsetti, vice president Terry Phelan, Jane Blaise, Karen Arrington, Jim Werner, those I have missed, please excuse, as I know there were more, and some whose names we did not know.  Our thanks go to all of you.

Following is a list of those who helped our river.  Please send them an email expressing our gratitude.

Mayor Bryan Williams:    [email protected]
Vice Mayor Gloria James:  [email protected]
City Manager Ed Booth:  [email protected]
Commissioner Sue Weller:  [email protected]
Commissioner Scott Jamison:  [email protected]
Commissioner Jason P. Evans:  [email protected]

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-




  1. It was obvious this was a success right from the beginning when the city manager recommended that the commission support the county in opposing the mine, stating that although he usually does not make such recommendations, he is in this case.

    He gets it.

    But the high point of this meeting was when one of the commissioners quipped “so we are really agreeing with the county on something?”. His humor showed that the commission was not letting any perceived rivalry with the county get in the way of their performing their sworn duty to protect the citizens of High Springs.

    Their vote to oppose the mine and send a letter to Bradford County was unanimous and it was obvious they understood this mine spells trouble for High Springs if it gets approval.

    Thank you, City of High Springs Commisson!

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