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Doug Miller of Floridians Against Fracking has sent the following urgent message.  We have a short time to get his done.  Please help.’


We have just heard back from the Senate, and our bill has NOT been scheduled to be heard in this Thursday’s Senate Appropriation’s meeting. Traditionally, the Appropriations Committee has a HUGE backlog of bills which they have to hear late in the session, so a week’s delay is not unusual. HOWEVER, it’s more urgent than ever we need to push Senator Bradley to agenda our bill for its final committee. That’s because the Senate Appropriations Committee has ONLY ONE more meeting (Tuesday next week) scheduled before the end of session.

That’s why NOW is the time to pull out all the stops. No matter where you are, you can help by:

  1. Calling Senator Bradley ONCE MORE to ask that he place the fracking ban bill on the committee agenda. That phone number again is: 866-582-4813
  2. Sharing the BRADEY SIGNAL (attached to this email) on social media and make sure to TAG him:
    1. Tweet at Senator Bradley- @Rob_Bradley
    2. Tag him on Facebook-
  3. Volunteering an hour of your time calling Senator Bradley’s Michelle for more details

And for Those of You in Tallahassee:

The rest of the state NEEDS our help more than ever. That’s why I am asking you to join me at the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on Thursday February 22nd. Together, we will wear our Bradley Signal stickers and pack the meeting; our silent presence itself will be a reminder of how many folks our coalition can mobilize in this crucial moment. Another way to help is by dropping by Senator Bradley’s office in the Capitol to deliver a Bradley Signal card and urge him to schedule the bill for a hearing. More details on that soon from

The fate of all this year’s effort will be determined over the next two days. NOW is the time to break the record for outreach to Senator Bradley’s office. Will you stand with us?

Doug Miller

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