Commissioners in Lake City Hear Another Request


John Dickert of Madison addresses the commissionrs

Several members of OSFR and other friends of the environment spoke to the commissioners in Lake City this evening to repeat their plea for the county to support a state-wide ban on fracking

Gale Dickert works tirelessly


This item was on the commissioners’ agenda a few weeks ago, but little progress has been made.  Off the record, several expressed agreement that fracking should be banned.

Others were present, such as Karen Mullins and husband, who did not speak but voiced support.

Sue Karcher of Fort White is one who cares

At this point the Legislative Session is well underway, giving rise to a beginning sense of urgency for the commission to act.

Laura Dailey of Three Rivers Estates is well known to lawmakers throughout the region


It was brought out by the speakers that HB 1205, among other truly negative things, would prohibit counties and municipalities from choosing their own destiny when it comes to fracking, much the same way that the industry is exempt from environmental issues such as the Clean Water Act.


OSFR President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson attends meetings of commissioners, legislators and water district managers.


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