Contact the Bradford County Commission to Fight the Phosphate Mine


    We've created this form for you to use to email the Bradford County Commissioners about the proposed HPS II Phosphate Mine. You may use the text below or feel free to edit it or write your own letter.

    If you'd like, copy & paste the letter below into the message box:

    I am writing to request that the Bradford Board of County Commissioners deny any applications for permits to mine phosphate or other materials in Bradford County.

    I enjoy the Santa Fe River and a phosphate mine would put the river at risk. The river, designated an Outstanding Florida Waterway, is already impaired, and the mine would use huge withdrawals of water and damage it even more.

    Phosphate is important for agriculture, but we are not running out, and new technology has drastically reduced the need, making this mine unnecessary. The phosphate industry in Florida has a history of accidents, spills and contamination. No one individual or company has the right to put at risk a river, the aquifer and the environment.

    The decision you make affects not only Bradford County, but all residents downstream, in neighboring counties and Santa Fe River lovers throughout the world! Please keep us all in mind!

    Thank you for your time.

    By checking this box, I state that I understand that this email will be sent to the Bradford County Commission. I take personal responsibility for the content of this email.

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