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Douglas Building Location: 245-2011

3900 Commonwealth Boulevard MS 49
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000

Bob Martinez (*) Center Location:

2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

Water Quality Standards Program Staff Contacts

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road – M.S. 6511
Tallahassee, FL 32399



Daryll Joyner, Program Administrator
Administers and directs the activities of the Water Quality Standards Program, which includes the Standards Development Section and the Aquatic Ecology and Quality Assurance Section.
(850) 245-8431
Renee Gray, Administrative Assistant II(850) 245-8346


Standards Development Section



Kenneth Weaver, Environmental Administrator
Directs water quality standards rule development and implementation for changes in classification (designated uses), water quality criteria, Site Specific Alternative Criteria, antidegradation policy, and Outstanding Florida Waters. Coordinates with EPA on water quality standards issues including human health criteria and the Triennial Review of Florida’s water quality standards.
(850) 245-8414
Eric Shaw, Environmental Manager
As rulemaking coordinator for the WQSP, coordinates rulemaking activities for the Triennial Review, petitions for Outstanding Florida Waters, requests for changes in classification, and adoption of Site Specific Alternative Criteria.
(850) 245-8429
Garry Payne, Environmental Manager
Water quality standards development including Site Specific Alternative Criteria and Reclassification review, dissolved oxygen criteria implementation, environmental data interpretation, and statistical analysis.
(850) 245-8423
Janet Klemm, Environmental Specialist III
Rulemaking, application, and history for Outstanding Florida Waters, surface water classifications and reclassifications, and Site Specific Alternative Criteria.
(850) 245-8427
Kara Cox,  Environmental Specialist II
Rulemaking, Site Specific Alternative Criteria, Reclassification petition review and processing.
(850) 245-8068
Kaitlyn Summerfield, Environmental Specialist II
Site Specific Alternative Criteria, Reclassification petition review and processing, and human health criteria development.
(850) 245-8819


Aquatic Ecology and Quality Assurance Section



Nia Wellendorf, Environmental Administrator
Administers the Quality Assurance, training, and bioassessment programs, and conducts special studies in support of water quality standards development.
(850) 245-8190
Michael Blizzard, Program Manager
Quality Assurance coordination, rulemaking activities, oversight, and technical support for the DEP QA Rule (Chapter 62-160, F.A.C.), field and laboratory audits, Quality Assurance training, and DEP SOP training.
(850) 245-8073
Joy Jackson, Environmental Manager
Bioassessment development and training, experimental study design, field sampling and audits, and the review, interpretation, and reporting of environmental data.
(850) 245-8074
Ashley O’Neal, Environmental Consulatant
Bioassessment development and training, field sampling and audits, Quality Assurance support, and the review, interpretation and reporting of environmental data.
(850) 245-8070
Jennifer Claypool, Environmental Specialist III
Quality Assurance support for the DEP QA Rule (Chapter 62-160, F.A.C.), field and laboratory audits. DEP SOP training.
(850) 245-8473
Larry Olney, Environmental Specialist II
Field sampling coordination, data management, technical support for wetland and plant projects, field sampling and audits.
(850) 245-8504
Meghann Niesen, Environmental Specialist III
Bioassessment development, field and laboratory audits, DEP SOP training, field sampling and audits.
(850) 245-8064
Ray Leary, Environmental Consultant
Bioassessment development, field and laboratory audits, data analysis, field sampling and audits.
(850) 245-8686


Assessment and Restoration Support Staff Contacts

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road – M.S. 3560
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Daryll Joyner, Chief
The Bureau is responsible for the development of surface water quality standards of Chapter 62-302, FAC, the assessment of State surface waters for the identification of impaired waters, and implementation of the Department’s ambient monitoring program. The Bureau also carries out a variety of special projects, including the management of the Department’s Quality Assurance Program and development of the Department’s Bioassessment Program.
(850) 245-8431
Renee Gray, Administrative Assistant(850) 245-8346
Dana Jones, Administrative Assistant (budgeting)(850) 245-8439

Standards and Assessment

Russel Frydenborg, Program Administrator
Administers surface water quality standards, biological assessments, QA Rule, DEP Standard Operating Procedures, sampling and standards-program related training. Coordinates the development of numeric nutrient criteria.
(850) 245-8063
Kenneth Weaver, Environmental Administrator, Water Quality Standards(850) 245-8414
Joy Jackson, Environmental Manager, Special Technical Issues(850) 245-8074
Michael Blizzard, Environmental Administrator, Quality Assurance Program(850) 245-8073
Don Axelrad, Environmental Administrator, Mercury(850) 245-8072

Surface Water Classifications, Outstanding Florida Waters

Watershed Assessment

Julie Espy, Environmental Administrator
Administers statewide water body assessments and listing of impaired waters. Responsible for coordinating the development of the 305(b)/303(d) Integrated Report.
(850) 245-8416
Paul Kurisko, Environmental Manager, West Sector, covering the NW and SW District areas(850) 245-8462
Keith Parmer, Environmental Manager, East Sector, covering the NE and Central District areas(850) 245-8457
David Tyler, Environmental Manager, South Sector, covering the South and SE District areas(850) 245-8458
Nancy Lewis, Environmental Consultant. Responsible for computer-based components of the assessment process, including programming for data extraction and assessment, and providing and maintaining assessment output.(850) 245-8445

Watershed Monitoring

Gail Sloane, Environmental Administrator
Implements the state’s Status and Trends monitoring networks for both surface and ground water, including coordination with other monitoring entities
(850) 245-8512
Wanda Harpley, Administrative Assistant(850) 245-8433
Jay Silvanima, Environmental Manager(850) 245-8507


District Offices

Northwest District:
Brandy Smith ([email protected])
160 Governmental Center
Pensacola, Florida 32502
(850) 595-0695
Counties: Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulla, Walton & Washington

Northeast District:
Russell Simpson ([email protected])
7777 Baymeadows Way, Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 256-1653
Counties: Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Madison, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Suwannee, Taylor & Union

Southwest District:
Ana Gibbs ([email protected])
13051 N Telecom Parkway
Temple Terrace, Florida 33637
(813) 470-5700
Counties: Citrus, Hardee, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas & Polk

Southeast District:
Michelle Piccolo
Government Operation Consultant
Southeast District


[email protected]

Central District:
Christine Daniel ([email protected])
3319 Maguire Blvd, Suite 232
Orlando, Florida 32803-37677
(407) 897-2919
Counties: Brevard, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter & Volusia

South District:
Terry Cerullo ([email protected])
2295 Victoria Avenue,
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 344-5647
Counties:  Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Glades, Hendry, Highlands, Lee, Monroe & Sarasota


2013 Office Directory

Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard, Jr. 245-2011

Chief of Staff Jennifer Fitzwater 245-2011

Deputy Chief of Staff Mollie Palmer 245-2011
Office of Legislative Affairs Jon Steverson 245-2140
Office of Intergovernmental Programs Sally Mann 245-2161
Office of Technology and Information Services Darrell Black 245-8238
Office of External Affairs Rachel Cone 245-2118 245-2086
Press Office Jennifer Diaz 245-2112
Office of Environmental Education Greg Ira 245-2118
Sustainable Initiatives Brad Stombock 245-2118
Office of the Ombudsman and Public Services Bonnie Hazleton 245-2118
Office of Public Services John Peterson 245-2118

General Counsel Tom Beason 245-2242

Inspector General Candie Fuller 245-3151

Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs Jeff Littlejohn 245-2011

Deputy Secretary for Land and Recreation (Acting) Erma Slager 245-2011

Office of Coastal & Aquatic Managed Areas [vacant] 245-2094
Florida Geological Survey Jon Arthur 617-0300
Cabinet Affairs Karl Rasmussen 245-2024

Deputy Secretary for Water Policy and Ecosystem Restoration Greg Munson 245-2011

Water Policy Director Ann B. Shoteller 245-2011
Office of Ecosystem Projects Greg Knecht 245-2011

Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration, Director Drew Barlett 245-8346*

Assistant Director Trina Vielhauer 245-8343*
Bureau of Assessment and Restoration Support Daryll Joyner 245-8346*
Bureau of Laboratories Bill Coppenger 245-8058*
Bureau of Watershed Management Tom Frick 245-7508*

Division of Water Resource Management, Director Mark Thomasson 245-8336*

Deputy Director Phil Coram 245-8020*
Bureau of Beaches & Coastal Systems [vacant] 488-7708
Mining and Minerals Regulation Calvin Alvarez 488-8217
Water Facilities Regulation Elsa Potts 245-8600*
Water Facilities Funding Bob Holmden 245-8358*

Division of Air Resources Management, Director Mike Halpin 717-9000

Siting Coordination Administrator Cindy Mulkey 245-2002
Office of Business Planning Katy Fenton 717-9048
Bureau of Air Monitoring Sandra Veazey 717-9083
Office of Permitting and Compliance Jeff Koerner 717-9083

Division of Law Enforcement, Director (Acting) Greg Gibson 245-2929

Assistant Director Greg Gibson 245-2929
Office of Training & Professional Standards, Chief Ron Cave 245-2866
Operational Support & Planning, Chief Cindy Peavy 245-2929
Bureau of Emergency Response, Chief (Acting) Doug White 245-2010
Bureau of Environmental Investigations, Chief (Acting) George LaMont 245-2897
Bureau of Park Police, Chief Percy Griffin 245-2898

Division of Recreation & Parks, Director Donald Forgione 245-3029

Assistant Director Scott Robinson 245-3029
Bureau of Design & Recreation Scott Cannard 488-5372
Office of Information & Recreation Service Linda Reeves 245-2501
Bureau of Natural & Cultural Resources Parks Small 245-3104
Bureau of Operational Services Robert Wilhelm 245-3076
Office of Park Planning Albert Gregory 245-3051
Office of Financial Management Steve Dana 245-3043
District 1 Bureau Chief Danny Jones (850) 233-5110
District 2 Bureau Chief Cliff Maxwell (352) 955-2135
District 3 Bureau Chief Larry Fooks (407) 884-2000
District 4 Bureau Chief Valinda Subic (941) 483-5944
District 5 Bureau Chief Paul Rice (772) 546-0900

Division of State Lands, Director Clay Smallwood 245-2555

Assistant Director Mike Long 245-2555
Appraisal Mike Herran 245-2658
Survey & Mapping Terry Wilkinson 245-2606
Land Acquisition Lynda Godfrey 245-2669
Public Land Administration Scott Woolam 245-2720

Division of Waste Management, Director Jorge Caspary 245-8705*

Assistant Director Charlie Goddard 245-8695*
Bureau of Waste Cleanup Doug Jones 245-8930*
Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems Robert C. Brown 245-8821*
Bureau of Solid & Hazardous Waste John Coates 245-8707*

Division of Administrative Services, Director Cynthia Kelly 245-2307

Bureau of Budget & Planning Sue Oshesky 245-2511
Bureau of Finance & Accounting Lynda Watson 245-2414
Bureau of General Services Gwenn Godfrey 245-2511
Bureau of Personnel Services Bob Wilson 245-2511

District Offices

Northwest District, Director Shawn Hamilton (850) 595-8300

Ombudsman Darryl Boudreau (850) 595-0666
160 Governmental Center, Pensacola 32501-5794

Northeast District, Director Greg Strong (904) 256-1700

Ombudsman Russell Simpson (904) 256-1653
Suite 200 B, 7825 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville 32256-7590

Central District, Director Vivian Garfein (407) 897-4100

Ombudsman Lisa Kelley (407) 897-2910
3319 Maguire Boulevard, Orlando 32803-3767

Southwest District, Director Gary Colecchio (813) 632-7600

Ombudsman Ana Gibbs (813) 632-7600 ext. 475
13051 North Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace 33637-0926

Southeast District, Director Jill Creech (561) 681-6600

Ombudsman Christina Llorens (561) 681-6605
Suite 200, 400 North Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach 33401

South District, Director Jon Iglehart (239) 344-5600

Ombudsman Terry Cerullo (239) 344-5647 2295
Victoria Avenue, Fort Myers 33902-3381 (PO Box 2549, Fort Myers 33902-2549)
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