Controversy Over Multi-use State Parks Continues

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Cranes over Paynes Prairie Sun photo

The Gainesville Sun today, July 28, 2015 keeps alive the controversial concept of gaining dollars from our state parks, put forth by DEP Interim SecretaryJon Steverson and his money-minded boss Rick Scott.   These two park managers want to generate money by opening the state parks to cattle raising, timber harvesting and other forms of natural resource harvesting.

Most people think the state parks should exist not to make money but for the citizenry to enjoy.  Part of the enjoyment is experiencing nature preserved and protected, not what remains after it is exploited.

“State officials have been secretive about their plans, which were uncovered through public records requests.  Paynes Prairie Manager David Jowers and DEP officials refused to talk with a Sun reporter, instead issuing a written statement saying the cattle grazing was being evaluated as a ‘potential management tool.'”

Read the complete article at this link.

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