A critical turning point is here, the HPS II   mine people will make a big push at this meeting to crush the mine moratorium extension.  We really need to pack the room to support the commissioners.  The mine people are worried and if they lose here, they will have an uphill fight in Bradford.  But if they win next Tuesday, we and the river are in deep trouble.

We have just been informed that Alachua County attorneys as well as North Florida Regional Planning Council and HPS with their attorneys and Dr. El Shall are all expected to be attending. 

Tuesday Jan. 17, Union Co. Court House, 15 NE 1st St.  Lake Butler.

The mine is without a doubt the biggest threat to our river, from Starke down to the mouth at the Suwannee.  We must stop this or risk losing our river. Please get some friends and bring them to this meeting.  it is critical.

This is the second and final reading for the ordinance.  Please come.  The Union Co. commissioners have been unanimous up to now, but theirs is a difficult task, as they are fighting big money and surely are feeling pressure.  Show your support.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-


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  1. Especially on the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend, your well-organized ACTIVISM is so Verry Much APPRECIATED. See ya in Lake Butler Tuesday, 1/17/17 at 5:30pm to Demonstrate Solidarity with Standing Rock Water Protectors, Environmentalists, Social Justice Advocates, “Conspiracy REALISTS,” anti-apartheid #BDS Brothers & Sisters, Anti-war/Peace Proponents, Single Payer/Medicare 4 All Mensches, and PROGRESSIVES generally.

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