A Day of Action On the Santa Fe River

Jim, Merrillee, MaryAnn, Tim, Jackie, Jean, George, not shown Billy Jo, Tony, both of whom got lost and arrived late

Far away that the Santa Fe River may be from North Dakota, the spirit of the Protectors of the water in the northern plains was felt by a group of loyal kayaktivists in Florida.

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, Sierra Club Organizer, who organized this group, also member of OSFR, was  the leader.

Marker for the current pipe, next to which the new Sabal Trail pipe will go.

About ten people gathered at the boat ramp where hwy 129 crosses the Santa Fe, and a small flotilla then paddled upstream to observe the stakes at river’s edge, marking the location of the underground crossing of the 36″ pipe, carrying fracked gas on its way to export.

Several OSFR members were among those there, also several from Sierra Club, including Mike and Jackie Belcher from Interlachen, George and Jean Dierker from Live Oak,  Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson and Jim Tatum from Fort White.  Press representative Tony Britt recorded the event for the Lake City Reporter.

Sabal Trail Transmission has begun the land clearing along the corridor where the pipe will be buried.  Governing agencies have given their blessing and their permits.  Although some lawsuits remain, and

Kayaktivists who did the paddle: Mary Ann, Mike, Jackie, Merrillee, Jim

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