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pam@lazyturtlelodge.comWe had a great response to our first announcement of board openings for OSFR.  We received four outstanding candidates’ applications, but we have room for two more members.  Therefore, we have extended the deadline for applications to June 1st.  This is your big chance.  Join us now!

When you join us you will be jumping into a group that is pulsating with energy.  Just since the month of April we have been recognized by Sierra Club as one of 4 principal anti-fracking groups in FL, mentioned in a featured article of Our Town magazine,  gotten the FWC to change their schedule, helped defeat bad legislation in Tallahassee and spent several days there,  been featured on Webcam,  a global TV program, presented before two water management district boards,  county boards of commissioners, co-sponsored a Water Voices program, published opinion pieces in newspapers.  There is probably more.  Also our website is updated almost daily.

This is an excellent opportunity to take a leadership role in a growing nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the Santa Fe River and its springs.

OSFR  invites both self-nominations and nominations of other individuals you feel would be an excellent leader on the OSFR Board of Directors.  In order to nominate someone, you must be a current paid-up member of OSFR.  The recommendation period will close at 5 pm eastern on June 1, 2015 at which point the Board will review a list of recommended individuals and compose a slate of candidates based on the organization’s needs and interest in promoting geographic and representational diversity.  A final slate of nominees will then be presented back to the membership in advance of the election to be held on June 26th, 2015.  Stay tuned for more meeting information.

Directors are non-salaried member volunteers who must attend board meetings and commit to head at least one committee (see list of committees here), in keeping with any special skills or interests.  Members serve a term of two years and may serve two consecutive terms.   Board meetings are held at OSFR headquarters, Rum 138, on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Directors also commit themselves to furthering the goals of OSFR, the primary one being:

To collect and disseminate information with the goal of protecting the waters and lands supporting the aquifer, springs and rivers within the watershed of the Santa Fe River.

OSFR is a very active organization and is known and respected throughout the state for its leadership in advocation roles.   Its many activities include TV and radio interviews, providing constant testimony before policy and lawmakers, both locally, across the state and in the capitol, publishing guest editorials in many newspapers both locally and statewide, lectures to local libraries and civic groups, sponsoring films and lecture series, promoting our goals by setting up information tables and booths at many public events, and by maintaining a current and active website providing information concerning the river and surrounding lands.

Current Board of Directors

Click here to complete the online Questionnaire

If you’d rather complete the Questionnaire by hand, please deliver the completed 2015 Nomination Questionnaire pdf version by email to: or in person or by mail to: Our Santa Fe River, Inc., 2070 SW County Road 138, Fort White, FL  32038.

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