Changes Made: New Info Here: December Paddle



Sandy, the events planner and water paddle leader par excellence, has announced the following.  Bear in mind that we have had many successful paddles, with, I believe ,about 100 percent rate of satisfaction.  I’m pretty sure we have not lost anyone yet.  One or two soakings, perhaps.  So please join us.

On Sunday, Dec. 18, we will do a midday Springs of
the Santa Fe trip without the summer crowds. Rum
Island to CR47.  Unloading 10AM at Rum to shuttle
vehicles to 47.  Paddle up Blue Spring Run to Blue
and then enjoy the Ginnie Springs.  Takeout at
CR47 before 2PM.  Boat rentals available from
Rum138 (386) 454-4247 or Adventure Outpost
(386) 454-0611. Bring lunch, liquids and all that
makes you comfortable and your boat legal.
Paddle on,
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