Deceptive Strategy Behind Solar Amendment 1 Revealed

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BREAKING: Utility-Backed Amendment 1 Deception Revealed


The utilities and their cronies couldn’t wait until after the election to brag about their deceptive intentions behind Amendment 1. Yesterday, leaked strategy tapes confirm what we’ve known all along: The intent of Amendment 1 is to mislead voters and stop the growth of customer-owned, rooftop solar in Florida. The audio clip is clear proof that utilities are using an issue with strong support – solar – to mislead Florida voters and continue protecting their profits.

We’re outraged by this blatant deception and we know you are too. Many of you have been with us from the start of Solar Choice, so it comes as no surprise that the power companies are behind this solar scam. But many pro-solar Florida voters remain under their spell of deception.

That’s why we’re relying on you to stand up to this corruption by spreading the word to vote NoOn1 far and wide: Sign up to volunteer at the polls and make phone calls to voters. And if you haven’t already, please make a donation – big or small – to defeat Amendment 1.

Get Involved! Upcoming NoOn1 Volunteer Events:

•    TOMORROW- NoOn1 Statewide Phone Bank: Oct. 20, 6PM – Make phone calls to FL voters. Top phone banker will win NoOn1 swag! RSVP here.

•    March for NoOn1 at People’s Climate March: Oct. 22. 1PM, Miami – Come out for a rally for NoOn1 so we can raise awareness. RSVP here.

•    Volunteer at the Polls: Oct. 24-Nov. 8 – Help catch Florida voters as they head into the polls to make sure they vote #NoOn1. Sign up here!

Volunteers in Action – Shout Out For Solar:


Solar shout out to the nearly 100 volunteers who rallied for No On 1 in Miami last weekend! Volunteers gathered in front of FPL’s headquarters to bring awareness to the utility-backed Amendment 1 campagin. Thank you for your support!

No On Amendment 1 in the News
•    Miami Herald: Insider reveals deceptive strategy behind Florida’s solar amendment (10-18-16)
•    Tampa Bay Times: Solar shenanigans: Insider reveals strategy behind Amendment 1 (10-18-16)
•    Pensacola News Journal: Editorial: Amendment 1 is a sham (10-15-16)

Defend Solar – Make a Donation to Defeat Amendment 1

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