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watery foundation copy In: Don’t Do Stupid Stuff | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River
On September 21, 2014 at 05:15PM, Tom at Watery Foundation published the following article:

President Obama says that a key part of his foreign policy is “Don’t do stupid stuff.” That seems a modest goal until you remember that we invaded the wrong country in 2003.

We don’t have to do stupid water stuff either. Many current policies damage water resources in Florida while also inflicting huge costs on everyone:

  • Installing WMD governing board members with enormous built-in conflicts of interest. This generates mistrust, as well as misguided decisions.
  • Not imposing even a modest fee on water withdrawals and fertilizer purchases. This promotes unnecessary water supply projects and widespread water quality degradation.
  • Ignoring the realities of climate change. This ensures a much worse water future for Florida.
  • Subsidizing economic activities that use immense quantities of water. This violates common sense and incentivizes the wasteful use of water.
  • Refusing to make the state plumbing code more efficient by allowing the sale only of  WaterSense devices.

Improved water policies would have to be only a tiny bit smarter.

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  1. Tom, based on what Kevin Lollar wrote today concerning the new appointments to South Florida Water Management District’s governing board, how can this not be construed as a blatant conflict of interest? Dan DeLisi and Mitch Hutchcraft both have strong ties to sugar, no matter what environmental interests some might claim they have. This is not public interest, this is sugar interest and it is shameful.
    These opinions are mine only and not those of any group.

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