Dr. Robert Knight Explains Why There Is Not Enough Water Left

bobknight Dr. Robert Knight has a guest editorial in today’s Gainesville Sun which explains very clearly why there is not enough water left to warrant granting  Adena Springs/Sleepy Creek the huge alotment they have requested.  Go to this LINK for the complete article.  Scroll

Bob Knight is an environmental scientist with more than 35 years of
professional experience in Florida. He is the founder of the Howard T.
Odum Florida Springs Institute. Bob is also an adjunct professor in the
Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of
Florida where he teaches a graduate-level course on the ecology of
He is currently active on restoration efforts for the Santa Fe River springs,
Kings Bay/Crystal River springs, Ichetucknee Springs, Rainbow Springs,
and Silver Springs, and is on the Board of Directors for both the Silver
River Alliance and the Wakulla Springs Alliance, two citizen advocacy


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