End of Event Party for Water/Ways.



End of Event Party, for the High Springs Historical Society, Smithsonian Institute, Water/Ways.  The party began with a Happy Hour but the event continued as a Happy Event, even past the allotted time, thanks to Kristina Young, all her helpers, High Springs New Century Woman’s Club, the Texas Road House, St Madeleine Church, and many more.

Program Director Kristina Young works the crowd

It was a fun time with delicious steaks and chickens from Texas Road House, interesting speakers and an enthusiastic crowd of enough attendees to fill the room.  Among those were a number of OSFR members, including volunteers Billie Jo Benedict and Jayne Orr, who helped with the dinner.  Several of our members were recognized for their commitments, including Rhonda Long and also the OSFR event postings on our website.

Ex-Mayor  and now commissioner of High Springs, Sue Weller, was the first speaker.  Sue was instrumental in bringing the event to our city, one of only six in the state.

Other speakers included Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Executive Director Amanda Rodriguez, and Stephen Noll, history professor at UF, and member of the Florida Humanities Council.

By all measurements the Water/Ways event was a huge success.  During the six-week exhibit our community hosted nearly 5,000 visitors from eight countries, 23 states and people.  Our community involvement was vast and volunteers invested well over four thousand hours of work.


Stephen Noll                 Sue Weller                    Amanda Rodriguez              Rhonda Long               Jayne Orr             Billie Jo Benedict  (far right)



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