Enthusiastic Protest on Bradford Co. Courthouse Steps

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On Fri. evening, April 29, 2016, there was supposed to be a meeting of the Bradford County commissioners at 945 Temple Ave. in Starke, but it was cancelled because the mining company filed an application for a permit that same morning.

The workshop had been scheduled prior to the last board meeting. It was intended to be an open discussion on  the mining issues. 
But oddly, since the application was made, somehow the board did not think it was necessary.
We do not entirely understand why they decided not to do this and we are a bit miffed. We have heard repeatedly that the commissioners just don’t know enough about the proposed mining operation. This workshop would have been an excellent opportunity to listen to our information. 

OSFR Vice President Terry Phelan Adds Her Considerable Voice

So instead, the policy director of OSFR, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, organized a rally  held on the courthouse steps during the time period of the cancelled meeting.  Many dedicated citizens showed up to express their feeling regarding the proposed mine, some local and some from as far away as Gainesville, Archer and St. Petersburg.  Many OSFR members were present, including one of our Advisors Bob Knight, multiple  board members, officers and general membership.  OSFR has taken a stellar leadership role in combating this ill-advised scheme.

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Rachael Curran (left) from Center for Biological Diversity Came From Far- way St. Petersburg

The Bradford County Board of Commissioners will meet Monday, May 2 at 9:30 am at 945 Temple Ave, Starke, and the public will be allowed to speak during public comment to the mine issue.

On Tues, May 3, 2016 the Alachua Board of County Commissioners will meet and they have invited both Union and Bradford County commissioners to attend their workshop-style meeting to learn more from their professional environmental and legal staff.

Alachua County scheduled this meeting to decide how to proceed with the potential threat to our water and environment.  Just recently they penned a strong letter to their  Bradford counterparts expressing a deep concern over the proposed mine and the dangers and risks it would present to our fragile and lawfully protected Santa Fe River.

Everyone who possibly can is encouraged to attend  both of these meetings and tell the authorities that you do not want this mine to be allowed.

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The People of Bradford Co. May Not Believe in Separation of Church & State, but They Do Believe In Equal Time


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Policy Director Merrillee Who Organized Rally

Act NOW!*

Put the Right to Clean Water Amendment on the 2022 ballot


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