Environmental Group Sues Georgia Over Sabal Trail Pipeline

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Today Bill Thompson has published an article in the Gainesville Sun about GreenLaw, an Atlanta-based public interest  environmental law firm which has formerly filed objections to the Sabal Trail Transmission LLC’s compressor station near Albany, Georgia, as well as the pipeline itself.  Read HERE for Bill Thompson’s entire article in today’s Sun.  

OSFR has frequently and consistently objected to this proposed pipeline as a very real threat to the Santa Fe River and its tributaries and surrounding springs both orally and visually at public meetings and with the written word.  There are many, many sound reasons why this pipeline should not be built, starting with the fact that it is not needed, and progressing through threats to human life, dangers to the environment and the fact that it would very likely transport fracked gas whose ultimate destination is foreign lands.  And now we are learning, thanks to the Miami Herald (July 21, 2014), that our governor, Rick Scott, has a monetary interest in this endeavor and has appointed people in key positions to promote this to his personal benefit, like  $$$.    Surprised that Florida is among the top ten most corrupt states in our downward spiraling union?

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