Exciting Sneak Peek at Florida Springs Institute

An interested and appreciative crowd gathered outside the Florida Springs Institute on Wed., April 18 to view the soon-to-be mural on the west wall of the building.  A pleasant evening called for folding chairs set up across the blocked-off street to enjoy in comfort the projection on the wall.

In the reception area of FSI, Mary Alford sits while OSFR member Sandee Pruitt listens to Karen Chadwick talk about manatees. She recently mounted the skeleton seen here, acquired from MOSI in Tampa.

Artist Doug Hancock of Alachua will soon begin the mural, with plans to complete the project in about two weeks.  A billboard will also be erected on the I-75 southbound side alerting drivers coming into Florida about the Institute in High Springs.  Stay tuned for the completion of the project!

FSI Director Dr. Bob Knight, artist Doug Hancock and FSI Associate Director Heather Obara, Esq.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
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