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Explore the Crystal-Clear Springs of the Santa Fe River



Explore the Crystal-Clear Springs of the Santa Fe River

 Take a guided paddle tour lead by Master Naturalist Lars Andersen, of some of the Santa Fe River’s most famous crystal-clear springs on Saturday, March 10. The five-hour trip will explore a nine-mile section of Santa Fe River, from Highway 27 to Highway 47.

The paddle is one of many RiverFest 2018 events sponsored by Our Santa Fe River, Inc. this spring.  The route will include the river’s most famous springs: Poe, Rum Island, Blue, Ginnie, Devil’s Ear & Eye, July and Myrtles Fissure. In addition, paddlers will pass swallets, where the water drains through underwater cracks into the underground aquifer. Andersen, a fulltime river guide, will discuss the river’s unique geology, history and lore of the area plants and animals.

Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) is a North Florida non-profit organization comprised of volunteers. All proceeds are used to educate and advocate for the river, springs and aquifer. The event is limited to 24 people and begins at 10 a.m. Participants will meet at the Highway 27 boat ramp (directions will be provided).

The tour includes a shuttle to the river. Tickets are $50 with boat rental ($20 to benefit OSFR) and $30 with your own boat ($15 to benefit OSFR). Tickets to this event and other RiverFest events, which include educational hikes and an afternoon of original music about the Santa Fe River, can be purchased here.



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Our Santa Fe River

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