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Support the Santa Fe River!

OSFR is partnering with Citizens Against Phosphate Mining (CAPM) to fight the proposed HPSII phosphate mine which would operate over 11,000 acres in Bradford and Union Counties straddling the New River which flows into the Santa Fe River.  This mining operation threatens the already impaired ecosystem of the rivers, springs and aquifer by the required extraction of millions of gallons of additional water from the aquifer and the potential release of toxins and chemicals in recharge areas.  “Fight the Mine” donations will help OSFR and CAPM further educate the public about this mining operation by funding mail campaigns, banners, PSA’s and other educational tools.  Help us “Fight the Mine” and save our rivers, springs and drinking water from further degradation.

Please visit, donate and share this donation site.    CLICK HERE

Thank you.  Every little bit helps.

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