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Good Morning,

I realize many of you have seen me (and a few others) navigate through an enormous amount of meetings, letters, and social media announcements to stop the Sabal Trail gas (fracked)transmission pipeline cutting through one of our most vulnerable areas of our world, the Florida springs heartland.

You have watched and read from the sidelines for nearly 2 years. It is time for you to act. Call it my last ditch plea, but something has got to give in your resistance to step up and be accounted for in this effort to stop Sabal Trail .  Putting this potential for an explosion through our area is a disaster for all the citizens of Florida, not just the ones being forced to give up their land for a private corporation.

I have asked all of you to get involved with this process and some of you have come through in surprising acts of protection of our culturally significant springs. I am now asking the rest of you to follow suit.

Recent reports from all over the country are piling in about gas pipeline explosions, nearly 2 a week, lately.  We cannot afford to allow a private corporation to put their infrastructure through our area. A 970060_752430921448214_1461857973_s1nationally syndicated TV show last week aired about the devastation that sinkholes have made in the Florida landscape.  Construction of this magnitude will only exacerbate our sensitive soils.

Please take a moment to read  the latest filings in the FERC portal that give a really good explanation to the FERC that Sabal has it all wrong to come through here.  This is a well written letter with documentation. It is what we all need to be saying about the path.

Following is the link, please click on supplemental comments to see these informative documents.

Although a deadline has passed, I think the attempt still can be made to make a statement in the FERC website.  Do not delay, follow these instructions.
Documents and Filing
e-comment or e-filing (depending on size of your file, e-filing requires you to e-register, which I recommend)
use the code CP15-17 for the docket
I also suggest that you get on the listserve for updates on the e-subscription

note:  you may also try to file a motion to intervene, though the deadline was Dec. 24, 2014.  If you have a good reason why you did not file timely, they may still allow your filing.

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

President, Our Santa Fe River
2070 SW CR 138
Fort White, FL  32038

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