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Florida DEP Wants to Weaken Water Quality Standards

DEP Designations

From: Clean Water Network <>
To: “‘Linda Young'” <>
Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 1:09 PM

Dear friends of Florida’s waters:

Recently I wrote you to warn you about the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) efforts underway to weaken our water quality standards.  I’m writing you today to ask you to please take immediate action to help us stop FDEP and the polluters that they protect.  FDEP is proposing to reorganize our water classifications from the current five categories to a new system that would have seven categories. Four of the new categories would not be clean enough for swimming.  While any polluter could apply to FDEP to down-grade a waterbody’s classification, you and I would be virtually helpless to prevent FDEP from approving the change. 

Please help us by taking the following actions right away:

1.        Send an email to FDEP Secretary Mike Sole and tell him to stop his efforts to weaken our water quality standards.  FDEP is not supposed to spend our tax dollars to protect polluters – – they are supposed to be protecting Florida’s natural resources.  The short message is:  NO NEW DESIGNATED USES THAT WON’T PROTECT FISHING AND SWIMMING IN FLORIDA’S WATERS.  You can email him at:

2.       Send the same email to Gov. Crist at

3.       If you can sponsor or arrange an opportunity for me (Linda Young) to come speak to your organization or one in your community that would like to help make the public aware of this imminent threat to Florida’s waters, then please contact me right away to schedule it.  I will be happy to come talk to any group of citizens that want to know what is being proposed and how they can get involved and have a voice.

Another important item for you to watch is explained in the article below.  Click on the title for the full story which was printed in Saturday’s St. Pete Times.  We stopped this from happening in 2003 and we can stop the water thieves again. 

Thank you for helping us protect all of Florida’s waters!!!

Linda Young

Clean Water Network of FL

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