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Members of Our Santa Fe River and the owners of Rum 138 will be installing and maintaining a Florida native demonstration garden at Rum 138, 2070 SW County Road 138, in Fort White, Florida.  This native garden will demonstrate the beauty native plants add to the landscape, while saving water and fertilizer that non-natives need in order to survive in our climate and soil. The advantages to a native garden also helps support wildlife with nectar for pollinators and food for animals.

We will start the process on August 9th, at 7 am, and anyone willing to help and learn may participate.  We will be mowing, laying out cardboard (to kill grass and weeds) and mulching the area to preserve moisture and enrich the soil.  The mulch we will be putting down is free mulch from Leveda Brown Transfer Station in Gainesville. This is an affordable option that is offered to Alachua County residents.,

This cardboard will break down with the help of the moisture the mulch helps retain and earthworms and other microorganisms that will find the environment welcoming. The worms will help provide nutrients and aeration to the soil.

In September (date to be announced) we will begin installing native vegetation and creating a rain barrel system for watering.  Again, anyone wanting to learn and help may attend!

If anyone has native plants to donate, please let us know.  We will start the design/planning after the mulching has been done.

Wish list:


Muhly grass

Redbud tree


Yellow and Red Firecracker



Coral Honeysuckle

Black and Blue Salvia

Beach Sunflower

Large rocks or logs for border

3-4’ gutter

Gutter downspout

Rain Barrel (food grade pickle barrel)

Laminating machine (need to borrow)

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or donations from the wishlist,

Thank you!!


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