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On July 19, 2015 at 02:52PM, Tom at Watery Foundation published the following article:

There are lots of Florida-specific acronyms, programs, and place names but those are not “waterisms.” It means a term mostly or exclusively used to describe a fact or concern about Florida water management. Like:

“Backpumping” (Mostly a south Florida term and referring to agricultural users that pump their excess water into a natural water body)

“Deep” reservoir (Meaning a very shallow reservoir but deep by Florida standards)

“Expand the water pie” (A plea for the government to help pay to develop water supplies)

“Finger-fill canal” (Old-fashioned dead-end canal networks designed to maximize waterfront footage)

“Hydropattern” (The temporal and spatial patterns of flooding in wetlands)

“Reclaimed water” (Most of the country call this “reused” or “recycled” domestic wastewater.)

“Reservation” (Setting aside water from withdrawal as necessary for the protection of fish and wildlife or public health and safety)

“Springshed” (Area within a ground or surface water basin that contributes to spring flow) (Not the practicing of gathering elk antlers in Colorado in April)

“Water lost to tide” (Runoff beyond what the speaker wants to occur)

There are many more Florida waterisms because of unique hydrology and water management practices.

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