Former DEP Secretary Valenstein Joins The Water School at FGCU

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Noah4post In: Former DEP Secretary Valenstein Joins The Water School at FGCU | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River
Noah Valenstein [center] at Gilchrist Blue on a paddle with OSFR. OSFR advisors Jim Pruitt on left and  John Moran on right.  In the background are ex-OSFR president Pam Smith and Alachua Conservation Trust director Tom Kay.  At this time Valenstein was Secretary of DEP.  Photo by Jim Tatum.

The Water School at Florida Gulf Coast University has acquired a name with lots of political background.  But don’t expect any help with easing our water woes.   His name and experience may help to get grants, but we know that throwing money at our problems is not a solution.

Noah Valenstein attends OSFR board meeting during his tenure as Executive Director of SRWMD. Photo by Jim Tatum.

Noah Valenstein did not start our water problems in Florida, but during his tenure in multiple positions of power he had the opportunity to begin the solution but he did not.  After his years as head of Suwannee River Water Management District and the Department of Environmental Protection our rivers flowed less and were more polluted than before he started.

This missed opportunity holds him seriously accountable for his failure to act.

Mr. Valenstein is a slick politician who goes with the flow and praises the right people and changes nothing.  In Tallahassee when the Clean Water bill was before committee, I was present to hear him give the highest praise for this do-nothing bill written by polluters and legislators who lied to the people and took money from water users and polluters.

Read the entire article here at WINK News.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
[email protected]
– A river is like a life: once taken,
it cannot be brought back © Jim Tatum

Former DEP Secretary Valenstein joins The Water School at FGCU

August 15, 2021

Florida Gulf Coast University announced Noah Valenstein, J.D., as the first presidential fellow in water policy for The Water School.

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This appointment comes after Valenstein served as Florida’s chief resiliency officer and nearly four years as secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. His new role at FGCU began Aug. 7.

“To be able to imagine what students get to do to start their career at a place like this is something I’m jealous of,” Valenstein said.

He added, “I get to be part of the exciting work here at FGCU. It’s amazing that you’ve got this pillar right behind us on the campus showing how important water is not just to the state of Florida, but to the learning going on here.”

In addition to his work on behalf of governors Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, the former secretary has served as the executive director of the Suwanee River Water Management District. He also brings more than 10 years of combined governmental experience to FGCU.

“When Noah left the DEP, we saw a wonderful opportunity to include him as part of our team in The Water School,” said Greg Tolley, Ph.D., executive director of The Water School at FGCU. “Noah’s experience serving two consecutive governors as the secretary of DEP will help us advance the agenda of The Water School across the state. He will also help us focus our efforts on issues related to water policy.”

“Since it was announced 2 1/2 years ago, The Water School at FGCU has worked to find solutions to our state’s water issues,” said Valenstein. “I’ve watched this program come into its own over the last few years, and I want to be part of the good work happening here.”

Although this is the start of Valenstein’s employment with FGCU, it’s not his first visit to the Southwest Florida university. About two months before the launch of The Water School in 2019, Valenstein was alongside DeSantis at FGCU’s Vester Field Station when the governor unveiled the state’s new plans to invest in water quality. Since then, Valenstein has worked closely with faculty members including Mike Parsons, Ph.D., a member of the state’s Blue-Green Algae Task Force.

“Being a presidential fellow gives Noah much flexibility,” Tolley said. “In addition to teaching courses, I look forward to his help establishing greater collaboration with The Water School across the state. His assistance in bringing greater resources to Southwest Florida will help The Water School make even bigger impacts on the region.”

Among Valenstein’s first projects for The Water School at FGCU is working with Mike Savarese, Ph.D., to advance and support the Southwest Florida Resiliency Compact. The compact is an FGCU-facilitated effort to create synergy around climate change between Southwest Florida counties and municipalities. Valenstein is also slated to represent The Water School as a keynote speaker at the American Water Resources Annual Conference in November.


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