Fracking Folks Are Fraught With Fear

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The heat is on, the battle lines are drawn, and the American Petroleum Institute is on the defensive.  The roles are reversed this year and we are on the high ground.

We are just beginning and already they are so worried they are sending out a telephone campaign spreading their lies about safe fracking.  Following is the phone message being distributed in our area:

Hi, this is Karen, calling on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute.  Hydraulic fracturing delivers safe and affordable energy to our state, providing over $1800 a year in savings to the average Florida family.  Unfortunately, the Florida State Legislature is currently considering legislation to ban hydraulic fracturing. 

If passed, HB 451 will not only ban a safe and proven technology, but could also raise energy costs to families and businesses throughout Florida.

Please, call Representative Chuck Clemons at 850-717-5021 and urge him to oppose HB 451.

Thank you so much for your time.  This call was paid for by the American Petroleum Institute, 850 344 9403.

Worried though they may be, we must carry the battle to the forefront and drive home the sword.  For every call they make we must make ten. We can kill it this year, but we must all get busy and use our phones and make the calls.  As disgusting as it may seem, they have not only a strong petroleum industry, but our governor and our DEP behind them.

A good place to start is to join Floridians Against Fracking Coalition, based at ReThink Energy in Tallahassee.  And, don’t forget, Karen provided you with Mr. Clemons’ phone number.

Quirky and crazy  politics!  Thanks to Kim Ross, we have learned that Chuck Clemons is co-sponsoring HB 451.  So indeed, please call him and thank him for his support in keeping Florida frack free.  If you are not in District 21, or unsure who your representative is,   look here:  to find your representative and the phone number.

 Call Rep. Clemons      850-717-5021

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-

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  1. Yup. A representative of the American Petroleum Institute called our home today. We sure ended that call in an instant. A group of us has an appointment to go meet with our FL Sen. Dennis Baxley on Feb. 10. We plan to ask for his support on SB 442 to ban fracking in Florida.

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