Fun at the Yard Sale!

President Pam & Dedicated Member Billie Jo Hard at Work


yardsale2Gray and misty morning but the crowd came out and OSFR donors were generous, and filled the lawn and the tables.  Everything, including a kitchen sink (not at OSFR tables, but nearby) could be found scattered around the west lawn of the New Century High Springs Woman’s Club.

To whom we give thanks, by the way, for the space, and to Billie Jo Benedict for storing the jun.. er, uh, treasures,  before the sale.  Also to Doug Jipson for loading, hauling and unloading a large trailer and for driving around collecting said treasures.  Many thanks to EVERYONE  who donated items.

And not the least to President Pam and (Un)Lucky Lance who got caught up in the whirlwind.  He is finding out what it is like to be spouse of the OSFR President.  At least he did not have to give up the Gator Game.  This day, anyway.

yard sale4
Merrillee Explains Fracking to an Interested Audience of One. We Do One Convert at a Time, and We Take All Day if Necessary: If Merrillee Gets Tired She Won’t Tell You.

Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson dedicated herself to distributing information about OSFR and its mission.  She brought the tent, tables, chairs literature and more.   And talked.  And talked.   When OSFR’s little ship comes in, we will buy her a pickup.

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